Everything was just great! The assortment is great, the couches are comfortable, the music is good. When we come back to St. Pete again, we will stop by here by all means! The tastiest food was, perhaps, the chocolate strawberry cake!`


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A Sladkoezhka Cake is a centerpiece of any celebration

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Pastries at Sladkoezhka Café are made from natural ingredients only

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A great selection of large and small cakes, desserts, pastries and drinks

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Sladkoezhka Café Chain. Saint-Petersburg.

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Sladkoezhka Pastry Shop has been developing successfully since 1989. This is a unique chain of twelve enterprises, which are distinguished by that they produce unique foods, using only high quality natural products and approaching culinary arts professionally.

The assortment of products is so rich that it can suit the taste of even the most choosy sweet tooth. The high-quality expensive equipment that we use in the chain allows us to produce high quality pastry every time. The rich selection of cakes, desserts, and pastries is complemented by high-quality drinks. The coffee is brewed with help of state-of-the-art technologies, which allows the customer to enjoy its taste and flavor fully.

Saint-Petersburg, Gorokhovaya 44
phone: +7 812 310 8005, +7 812 320 0183
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